I Currently have a Website

I already have a website

Transferring information from your old website to your new one can be daunting...

What is the Process Like?

I have a Domain Name

  • You can renew your own domain name OR
  • We can take on that responsibility for you.

I have a Hosting Company

  • We'll assess your current package for storage, bandwidth, speed, SSL, etc.
  • Most hosts have packages that are compatible but a change may be suggested.

Saving Information

  • There's lots of information that you may want to hold on to.
  • We can help insure you've kept what you needed.
  • We'll have your host backup your old site and you can download it for safe keeping.
Man Worried about his Website
Don't be overwhelmed. We have an easy step by step process.  Before you know it, you've got the website you always wanted.

Ready to Start?

  • We will setup your new website.
  • According to your needs, we'll add the additional components (shopping cart, forum, directories, etc.)
  • The template you chose or a modified template is uploaded. Modifications (if necessary) are agreed upon and finalized before uploading the template.

Adding New Information

  • We can add the information OR
  • We can show your employee(s) how to add information. (saves money)
  • We can do a combination of both.

Photos and Images

  • All photos and images have a copyright status.
  • Some you can freely use, some you can purchase.
  • The images from your chosen template can be used as well.
  • Use caution with using someone else's photo without their permission.
  • We have a large collection of images to choose from as well.

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