What is a Database?

Database Concepts
What is a Database?
Databases are simply collections of information.
The information is dependent on your type of business. Here's some examples:

Classified Ads:
  • This is usually online and contains multiple fields of information
  • People can submit new ads as well as search existing ads.
  • Categories are always used.
  • All types of information is stored; from item type, price, sell date, etc.
  • Which item is sold the most? During what time period?
Retail Shop:
  • A retail shop buys and sells products.
  • From vendors to inventory for example, this is part of it's collection of data.
  • The shop may process this data through an accounting software package, while others use a POS system. 
  • Both generate reports based on that stored data/information.
A successful business owner will use ALL available information to prosper and grow their business.

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